The Hitching Post
1981 US Highway 17
Williamston, North Carolina

Today is a traveling day.  It is the week of March 6, 2011, and we are stopping in Williamston, North Carolina for breakfast.  Having left the condominium with only two cups of coffee and an overly buttered stale toasted onion bun, we headed to our next destination, the Dismal Swamp in northeastern North Carolina.  We left early, around 9a.m., planning to pull into the first good-looking restaurant that got our attention.  We found The Hitching Post in Williamston, North Carolina on Highway 17.

First impression, big, big black top parking lot…lots of parking space.  AND we thought we saw a Welcome Bikers sign. Looks promising.

The restaurant has a terrific rustic landscape with a big inviting neon banner that silently yells, BREAKFAST 6-11. It was 10:57a.m. when we parked.  We hurried inside to get a breakfast menu and coffee. Turned out it didn’t matter if we got there at 10:57a.m. or 10:57p.m. Breakfast is served all day.  The sign should have read 6a.m. to 11p.m.  Ahh the power of advertising!

The inside-dimly lit bar atmosphere and yes there is a bar. The décor included knotty pine flooring and matching booths. There were several empty table clothed round tables, arranged in some order, filling two adjoining rooms.  There appears to be lots of room for dancing, meetings and parties. Lots of space to sit with friends and room enough to offer privacy for any sized party.

As my SO was seated he was handed two breakfast menus.  I decided to check out the restroom before the menu.  I found the restroom spotless, warm and fully equipped with soap and paper towels. Returning to our booth, I asked the server for their lunch menu just in case it looked better than the breakfast fare.

As I sat down, I mean literally just touching the hard bench with my derrière, the server rushes over and asks if we are ready to order.  To her credit she did have two coffees with her.  However she was taken a bit back when I opened the lunch menu and said:  “Give us a minute”.

Her reply; “you’re just ordering breakfast… Right?”

Hmm, was I to believe I should not order lunch as the entire restaurant expected a breakfast order?  I closed the menu and asked my SO what he was having.  I decided to order the same meal as he, making no changes to his order.  I said to the waitress, who had remained standing by our table the entire 5 minutes it took me to look over the other menu. (I should have invited her to sit and split the check),  ”I’ll have the same.”

After our orders were taken, the next sentence uttered from my SO, “ You’re not going to like the coffee”.

He was right.  The coffee was old, not hours old, but old enough to lose that great coffee aroma.  And, at the new USA prices of around $2 a cup, coffee should be freshly made on some sort of coffee timetable, especially if there are coffee drinkers in the house!

We were served breakfast in a reasonable amount of time. Eight triangle pieces of powered sugared French toast and one sausage pattie. The waitress also placed a plate between us which had 4 single servings of Smuckers Breakfast Syrup , not pancake syrup. She also tossed a few packs of Land of Lakes Buttery Spread on the table: no real butter here. The French toast was decent, a bit soggy; the sausage was cold and undercooked.  Our cost for this culinary delight, $12.37.

I believe you will get a much better breakfast at McDonalds than at the Hitching Post, and you don’t have to leave a tip.  The Hitching Post in North Carolina  would not be our first choice for breakfast.  On the flip side they may just serve ice cold beer and good bar burgers.  They welcome Bikers, so next time; if we get there again we’ll try the lunch menu.  If you get there first, drop us an email or leave us a comment.

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